Turn Your Dog Into A Cuddly Plush Toy With This Easy Tutorial

Turn Your Dog Into A Cuddly Plush Toy With This Easy Tutorial

Ever since I made these plush wiener dogs, I’ve been wanting to create a dog that looks like our Boston Terrier. I just needed to make a pattern. I was looking at the new digital stamps that Studio Calico released today and a light bulb went on!

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This adorable little doggie image reminded me so much of our Boston Terrier and it just needed a few modifications to make my plan work. I opened the image in Photoshop and enlarged it to fit on a 12×12 background.

stamp 2

I don’t have a large format printer, so I just printed off sections of it onto letter-sized paper and pieced the pages together. It helps to use the borderless printing option.


I cut the image out, leaving a 1/4″ border along the edges to allow for the seam allowance. Once my pattern was ready, I pinned it onto a piece of felt. The higher the quality of felt you can use, the better. This is 100% Holland wool felt and I love it!

stamp 4

I cut out the outline of the dog and then cut out several other pieces using additional felt. I used the digital image as a reference.

stamp 5

I used a tight zig-zag stitch in color-coordinating thread to secure each piece of felt in place.

stamp 6

Once my felt pieces were secure, I hand embroidered some freckles and whiskers to my Boston’s face.

stamp 7

I decided that I wanted my dog to have a contrasting fabric back, so I cut a second piece (using the pattern above) out of chambray. I placed the wool and chambray pieces facing together (front-to-front) and machine stitched around the edges, using a 1/4″ seam allowance and left a 2-3″ opening so that I could turn the pieces right side out.

I like to use my pinking shears to go along the edges. It makes the fabric seam edges much less bulky.

stamped 8

After I turned my dog right side out, I created a collar for him using ribbon, a jump ring, and a piece of gold felt. Once stuffed, the collar can’t slip over the dogs head and stays nicely in place.

stamped 10

I stuffed the dog with polyfill. I like to use small bits at a time and use a non-sharpened pencil to help push the fiber into tight places like the ears, legs and tail.

stamped 11

I hand stitched the dog’s backside closed and he was all finished!

stamped 12

I may be a little partial, but I LOVE the way my dog turned out! He looks so much like our own Boston Terrier. Both of my boys took one look and their faces split into a huge grin.

stamped 13

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Happy DIY-ing! 🙂