30 Gifts For Humans Who Love Dogs More Than People

30 Gifts For Humans Who Love Dogs More Than People

There are two types of people in this world: the dog lovers, and everyone else. Then there are the dog people who prefer the company of dogs over humans and, well, everyone else. Our dogs are the best listeners, the best cuddle bugs, and just the all around BEST–it’s no wonder we love them!

And what better way to show it than with these 30 pup-inspired gifts to bring us that much closer to our fuzzy family members.

1. Pitbull Tea Towel 3-Pack, $45

Clean up messes even better than that Pibble tongue. (Well, maybe. That’s a tall order.)



2. Verameat Terrier French Love Necklace, $160

Bring your favorite bat-eared cutie along with you, even where he’s not allowed.



3. BarkBox, From $35

Treat your pup (and yourself!) to a single box, or start a subscription to get great new stuff every month.



4. Pug Life Dog Socks (4 Pairs), $20

Keep those human paws toasty without sacrificing your love for spectacular Pug folds.



5. Quilted Shearling Jacket, $44

A snug, fuzzy hug for your very best friend. Complete with thank-you kisses.



6. BarkBook Bundle, $28

Whimsical tales like dog treats for the soul—and a squeaker-filled look-a-like.



7. Rescued Wine Mimosa Candle, $25

Also in other delicious fragrances, you can fill your home with warmth AND support rescues.



8. Original Depler Pint Glass Bundle, $28

Sip that brew in style. Or, you know, get crazy with your chocolate milk.



9. Pop Your Pup, From $39.99

Excited by the idea of your dog in art form? Congrats, you’re a dog person.



10. Assorted Dogs Coaster Set, $12

You may have paw prints on your furniture, but at least you won’t have water rings.



11. Custom Pet Pillow, From $58

Let your pup keep your lap warm, and rest your head on this baby. (At least it doesn’t fart.)



12. Toot Tote, $22

All dogs are different, and so are their toots. We cherish both.



13. Sophie Gamand’s Wet Dog Book, $22

A comedy for you, a horror story for your dog. Don’t let them read in the dark.



14. Zululand Dog Blanket, $30

There’s enough room under there for you, too.



15. Bark & Co Kids Shoodles (For Adults, Too!), From $35

Shoes + doodles = shoodles. Your whole fam can rock the coolest kicks.



16. Underwater Dogs Art Print (61 Prints!), From $35

The foolproof way to get a smile from everyone who walks in the door.



17. Pocket Pittie T-Shirt, $26 

Silly, adorable, and ready to kiss you if it could.



18. Dachshund Apron,

We love word-play almost as much as we love weenies.



19. Pug Notebook, $14

For every thought, idea, and doodle of your dog being ridiculously cute.



20. Cotton Canvas Toy Bin, $54

Where else would we store all the toys used to spoil our pups?!



21. BarkBlend Coffee & Dogs Mug,

Two things we can’t bear to live without: our cup o’ joe, and our dog. Every bag supports no-kill rescues.



22. Verameat Dachshund Babe Ring (Silver), $60

Small, sweet, and always with you. Just like a Dachshund.



23. Auto Grass, $30

Keep your pup from stepping up, and secure a place for your second-most valuable items.



24. Bulldog Mug, $17

The only Bulldog that won’t steal what’s on the table, because he’s already on it.



25. Canvas Pet Tote–Burgundy/Gray, From $160

Just because you’re their chauffeur doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.



26. It Wasn’t Me Pillow, $88

We took the words right out of their mouth.



27. Royal Flush Flask Set, $29

Feels like you’re dealt the best hand, every time.



28. “More Wine, Less Bark” Canvas Water Bottle, $21

It fits a WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE. ‘Nuff said.



29. Labrador Pillow, $55

For all the couch potatoes. (Even if they’re not allowed on the couch.)



30. Custom Portrait, From $49.99

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and at least one million woofs.