Source: Resimkoy
1. The Jetpack
Source: @xkassikex
2. The Babushka
Source: DailyMail
3. The Rabbit In The Hat (Minus the rabbit or the hat)
Source: IHeartDogs
4. The Little Furmaid
Source: PetInsurance
5. The Actual Ball Of Cuteness
Source: IHeartDogs
6. The Desktop
7. Face-Off
Source: Pinterest
8. The Kangaroo Pouch
Source: @_henry_baio_
9. The Lap Napper
Source: Jokeroo
10. The Right Angle
Source: PetProof
12. Kibbles & Bliss
Source: Google +
13. DOMINOS "Yes, I'd like 10 more orders please."
Source: Pinterest
14. The Thing Every Dude Has Tried At Least Once
Source: Slodive
15. Petflix And Chill
Source: Buzzsharer
16. Pillow Pals
Source: Pinterest
18. The Heart To Heart
19. Tongue Out Snoozeday
Source: @loricaron
20. The Headless Turkey (His head is on the other side of the couch don't worry dog ruvers)
Source: PlacePic
21. The Y.M.C.A
22. Bits To The Wind
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The 22 Cutest Puppy Sleeping Positions That Ever Existed

There’s something so peaceful and calming about watching your pup sleep. It’s also hella cute. Here are 22 positions that you’ve probably caught your pup snoozing in. Each one’s sweeter than the next!