This Midnight Husky Duet Sounds Like The Whale Lullaby Of Your Nightmares

Let’s play “Guess That Sound”! Is it the (maybe evil?) song of a whale’s ghost? A whiny toddler whose voice has been slowed down 400%? Perhaps it’s a 30-year-old tape player that should’ve quit long ago, or — OK, this is it for sure — tired cows who are really, really mad about something?

Nope! These are a pair of Huskies who just love to make music together, and whose love for song far transcends their respect for “melody” or “Dad’s sleep schedule.” Well fellas, maybe you won’t make The Voice, but you’ve got each other and a loving human. And I, for one, will never forget your song. Not without a therapist’s help.

Featured image via Wikipedia and YouTube