This Famous Shiba Danced His Way Into Our Hearts And Now He Needs Your Help

This Famous Shiba Danced His Way Into Our Hearts And Now He Needs Your Help

Many years ago, the internet was captivated and amusingly entertained by a Shiba Inu trying on boots for the first time. The pup was not happy about the new shoes, but his mom bribed him by throwing treats to get him to walk around, then she filmed the entire thing.

The result was the most adorable interpretive dance we’ve ever seen.

Since then, Barkley’s boot dance has become a meme, been at the center of every “dog in boots” compilation video and article, he’s also made for some great gifs.

barkley 1

Especially gifs like the ones above that seem to show some major Shibatude.

Barkley also has his own greeting cards.

barkley card

Now, this adorable pup who has brought the internet so much joy is in dire straights. Last week he began refusing food, vomiting and he became dehydrated. His veterinarians say that Barkley has a severe case of pancreatitis.

Barkley’s mom wrote on his Facebook page:

barkley fb post

After several days at the vet, Barkley is showing some signs of improvement, but his recovery is far from over. As you can imagine, Barkley’s care is going to be extremely expensive. His fans have started a GoFundMe page to help the pup’s mom and dad fund his care.

You can follow updates on Barkley’s health on his Facebook page.

We wish you all of the best Barkley! We’re sure you’ll be dancing in your boots in no time!