Dog Loving Human Finds An Incredible Way To Raise Awareness About Stray Dogs

Dog Loving Human Finds An Incredible Way To Raise Awareness About Stray Dogs

Stray dogs are often ignored by most of the world. So many people don’t realize how big the problem is. They also assume that all strays are dangerous and irredeemable.

Developer Kevin Cancienne might just change that with one video game. The idea for the game, called Home Free, came from a variety of Kevin’s interests, the most important one of which was dogs.

Kevin says that he wanted to explore how dogs “play, the stories we tell about them, and what makes them tick.”

Urbanism was also a factor in the game development. Kevin took this as an opportunity to explore how a dog navigates the world without very little, if any, help from humans.

He used his own dog, Princess, to help him perfect how pups behave in the game. He wanted to get every paw step, play bow and butt wiggle right.

She certainly gives him lots of material to work with:

The purpose of the game is simple. You play from the perspective of a stray dog. You experience life as they would experience it. You forage for food and find shelter…

You also work to build relationships with other dogs. According to the Kickstarter page:

“Other dogs prowl the streets. Some protect their territory and won’t let you pass without a fight. Some are wary and keep their distance. Some could be friends. A sniff, a chase, and a romp through a park is all it takes to seal a friendship.”

Sometimes, you find a pack to run with…

There’s also a multiplayer component called The Dog Park.

home free 3

Here’s how Dog Park works:

“Dog Park is a 4-player, local multiplayer dog wrasslin’ game, and it comes with Home Free! Become a dog as you chase, wrestle, cavort and gambol with other players in a chaotic struggle to have as much fun as you can.”

Check out the trailer for Home Free below and learn more about the project at its Kickstarter page.

h/t PC Gamer.